Thursday, May 2, 2013

Temptation and Reward

So yesterday for lunch I was told HyVee (our local grocery store here in Iowa) was bringing lunch! This is usually exciting because they have the worlds greatest salads. I was thinking I'll get a salad and eat my mixed vegetables that I brought from home. When I walk in I see the biggest temptation; mini cupcakes! They were so cute and looked so amazing, my mouth started watering.
My victory was walking right past all those cupcakes with my big bowl of salad and enjoying that tiny moment. Sometimes that's what fitness is about, the tiny steps. It's never going to be easy and you will give in but as long as you have those tiny victories, you're doing it right!

So after 9 hours of boring and slow work, I rush home to shower and make supper. The stir fry turned out amazing and I heard no complaints (which is rare in my house.) I relaxed for all of 30 minutes before I was up again and hustling the kids, myself and the man out the door for the gym. From 6:30 to 7:20 I put my legs through torture! Leg day is not my favorite....feels too much like cardio sometimes. Then home, wash up and bed!
A new thought has entered my mind: CrossFit. J (my man) is completely against it's a waste of money and time but I see things differently (which happens quite a bit with us.) I see CrossFit as a way to improve, bust through plateaus and a way to meet a whole new community of people who love the sane thing that I do! The only CrossFit place within reasonable distance is a place appropriately names The Gym. Short, sweet and to the point, I already like it. J has reluctantly agreed to come try it out with me (your 1st time is free.) The plan is to go the 1st Saturday in June so I will do a review for anyone who is thinking if trying CrossFit!
As for today, it's raining and crappy with a chance of snow tomorrow. May?! Only in Iowa (sure makes me miss North Carolina.) For breakfast, the usual brown sugar oatmeal was what I had. I really like the regular routine and eating the same thing repeatedly does not bother me. For lunch we have veggies from last night and potato abs onion perogies. I love these things....even though they aren't the healthiest of lunches. Dinner is...I have no idea! I'm thinking spaghetti for them and veggie pasta with tomato and soy crumbles for me. That does sound really good. After supper it's off to the gym for shoulders. I love shoulder day...more than most because my shoulders grow so easily. Then rest...that's one of the most important things on fitness.REST!! Your body needs it after all the hard work it does all day! :)

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