Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pet Peeves

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and productive day. A lot of healthy eating went on today with me and I walked almost a mile at lunch. After running around to get the kids, home to clean and cook, I had no time to go to the gym! :( that's ok though, I always plan for days like this. I will just combine today's workout with back and shoulders and make it work! A part of being successful in your fitness journey is realizing you will have days where "the gym" has to take a back seat. Even though I couldn't go to the gym, the kids and I walked to the park near out home. On the way down we did multiplication problems and on the way back we did spelling! To incorporate fitness and learning in my children's life is pure joy! It makes me more happy than anything else in the world. :)
Onto my pet peeves....I was looking online at fitness and health information and come across some form of the "Eat This, Not That" phenomenon! If you are familiar with the book, it's a breakdown of restaurants and fast food places and why a healthier menu choice is. As good as this sounds, why would there need to be such a thing? Do just a little research and you will see all the negative side effects and health concerns with eating fast food!! It is disgusting. Research a salad from most fast food places and you will find a chemical is used to keep the lettuce from browning. Are you kidding? So they took a perfectly healthy bed of lettuce and added a harmful chemical to protect something from doing what it naturally does. The whole "Eat This, Not That" book should be used as a guide of what NOT to eat. Bottom line....replacing high fat foods with "lower" fat but higher sodium or more trans fats isn't healthy. As far as fast food goes, it should not be eaten! There are plenty of healthy, quick alternatives. Anyone who is living a healthy lifestyle would never step foot into a fast food restaurant unless it was to use the bathroom. :D
Since you see my rant on fast food, another pet peeve is Splenda or any other lab created sweetener! Again, research this and you will see all the harmful side effects of these nasty little things. And they are completely useless! They don't cause weight loss, studies have show it actually causes weight gain and bloating! Use a natural substitution to cane sugar. Use agave syrup, stevia or nothing at all! I believe we are way too obsessed with sugar anyways so cutting back would never hurt.
Ok. Rant is over for now.
I will be sharing a few random pictures from our walk and drive today!! :)

Question for today: what are some of your fitness pet peeves?

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