Sunday, May 5, 2013

5Ks and Parks

Do you remember how fun parks were as a kid? I got to relive that today. We packed a sandwich and fresh fruit picnic and headed out to the park. I got my cardio in today...running around chasing my kids and playing basketball with my daughter! I'm glad the snow has stopped and it was in the low 70's today.
I did my food prep for this week too. I made my fruit "larabars" today and they turned out perfect! I didn't get the 6 bars the recipe says; it made 4. Also, it took a few more minutes than I thought in the food processor...just keep whirring away until it's forms the right consistency!!
We have finally decided on the 5K schedule we are going to participate in (and one 10K at the end of the year.)
The 1st race is going to be the My Waterloo Days 5K on June 1st. I'll have a few weeks to train up for it but it won't be for a record setter. Just a way of getting back into the swing of things.
The 2nd race will be The Color Run in Des Moines on July 13th. I have always wanted to do one and now I have the chance!!!
The 3rd race will be the Warrior Dash on August 24th. This will be the toughest race (I'll post more details in a later post.)
My last race of the season will be the Park To Park 10K.
I am so excited for this race season and for running along beside my man!! Remember the couple that runs, lifts and laughs together stays together!!! :)
****ignore my 3 fat rolls in the family photo, it's the best one I could get!!****

I have attached links to all of the race details if you are in the area and want to check it out! :)

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