Friday, May 31, 2013

Running Motivation

Tomorrow is my 1st 5K of the season. It should be a low-key event and it's being held in my little town of Waterloo, IA. I am so excited except the fact that I have to be up at 5:30AM to eat and prepare for the race. It will be well worth it when I cross the finish line. My goal for this race is to run a steady 9 minute mile. Also, this is the first race that me and Jeremy will be running together so it's even more exciting!
Since I need some motivation for this race, I'm going to post some pictures that show how I feel about running! Enjoy!! :)

Have a bad day? Run it off. Running is my therapy. It is my alone time to focus on myself and nothing else. I don't get that very often. 

We were made to run: No equipment required.

Yes I DO!

Enough said. Life it too short to worry so outrun your worry and fears.

Just do it. No questions asked!

The step out the door is always the hardest. Once I hot the blacktop, I feel so free and energized. You are only kidding yourself when you say the run isn't worth it.

Your body will go mile after mile, it's your brain you have to convince!
Have a great Friday everyone! I'll be posting a race review tomorrow some time!! Wish me luck.

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