Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Morning From My Desk! :)

Happy Tuesday Morning. Even though I tried writing this post last night but for some reason, it never posted. You have to love technology sometimes don't you? So I will write it now while I'm drinking my chai tea at my desk.
Yesterday seemed to go in slow motion. For a Monday, it was too long and too boring. After work, it was home to do homework with the kids and cook dinner. For dinner I decided to marinate some chicken tenders in teriyaki sauce and Asian garlic spices. I pulled out my George Forman and fried them up after an hour of marinating. Along side the chicken, I made basil couscous and snap peas and sauteed vegetables. I like to keep it as simple as possible on Monday's.
I found a book when we went to the library on Saturday and I cannot put it down. V.C Andrews is an amazing writer and she sucks you into her words.

So while I was cooking, I was reading. Before I could head our to the gym, a storm hit. So instead of skipping completely, I pulled out my yoga mat and did a 35 minute video to get my heart rate up and sweat pouring.
This weekend was super active and busy. Saturday began with meeting up with Katie for a girls morning. We got our nails done and then went to Dick's for an exercise ball. I have decided I've had enough of back pain associated with sitting at a desk all day. I'm hoping the ball will relieve some of the lower back pain I've been having and also strengthen my core. After Dick's we went to Olive Garden for a carb-overload. It was so good but I have found even when I try to over indulge I can't. It's like my body has become so used to the healthy was I eat that anything in excess makes me feel sick. I still enjoyed my plate of pasta, but I took half of it home for Jeremy.
After girls morning, I went home and we all went to the library. I focus a lot of my week days getting the kids to read and writing about what they are reading. They never watch TV or play video games during the week, I feel that it's more important for them to learn and grown then to be in front of a TV all day. From the library we went to grab a few groceries. Fresh fruit for my week, some fresh veggies and health foods. I had ran out of my protein granola so I had to grab some more. I am hooked on the Bear Naked Original. It taste great and has protein so I use it for an after workout snack.
Sunday was another fun loaded day. Started out cleaning the house up a bit, then some food prep. I found a trick to try with my lettuce on Pinterest and it is amazing! Put your greens in a bowl with a lid. Before you close the container, put a paper towel in the top of the lid to keep your lettuce fresh. My greens have been in the fridge for 9 days and haven't started turning yet. After food prep, we took a walk down to the park. Any opportunity is an opportunity to work out. A quick run down to the park and a few ab exercises on the monkey bars. Then some incline push-ups and tricep dips. There is no excuse to not get a 30 minute workout in. And we took the long way home so I could run a little longer. I would say all together it was over a mile but I didn't have my GPS tracker so I don't really know. I really have to get my butt into gear with running because my first 5K is in 11 days. Time to really get my new running shoes in shape. After the run, I decided it was time to wash the pollen off my car. I jumped into my bath suits and grabbed a bucket. It was a good hour of cleaning and scrubbing but now my car looked almost like it did when I bought it. It was fun, the kids were out playing in the hose while I was cleaning the car out. I even got a little sun on me which is great after MONTHS of dreary cold weather. The car washing fun ended when the thunder started. Then it was time to go in and get supper ready. After supper we hit the gym together. So a lot of working out and moving, my favorite kind of day.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

Oh yes and my pretty flowers we planted in the front garden!! I hope I can keep these alive.

On a sad note, please pray for the families and loved ones of the dead in Oklahoma. I watched a new cast of the devastation and choked back tears. My heart goes out to all the wounded and the families of the dead. A reminder to not take anything for granted and cherish what you have. There are a lot of people right now with nothing! Hopefully no more tornadoes hit today! Please pray.

Thought for the day: Just think of what's important in your life.

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