Monday, May 6, 2013

Product Review and A New Snack Obsession

Today was my first day in the office at 7. Schedule changes, however slight, may put your body in a whirl. Unless you are healthy, fit and eat natural, then your body will happily readjust with no problem. This is exactly how I felt today, amazing! Before my salad lunch, I walked a mile outside. I worked my 8.5 hours then fixed dinner and even hit the gym for a mile run! Today was chest day, I killed it! 45 minutes and sweat pouring later, I felt refreshed. :)

As for my product review, there's a story behind it! I have become hooked on Silk Soy yogurt (the best being the Mango flavor.) The past 2 times I have went to HyVee to get some, the only flavor they have is Strawberry and Blueberry. So on the last visit I see another brand of soy yogurt and think "Why Not." The new brand was Stonyfield O'Soy. WOW was that a bad decision. As I get more comfortable with grocery shopping and making good, healthy decisions, I can usually tell when something is "good" healthy and when something is "bad" healthy. (I's sure you know what I'm talking about!) This was one of the times I should have read the label! As soon as I opened it I could tell something was off. It was way too runny to be yogurt. The first bite indicated another was grainy!! What?! Why?! THEN I read the label, it contains soy protein AND probiotics that are derived from milk! This is a vegans most annoying and worst nightmare! Why why why make something advertised as "soy" and then add milk to it?! Grrr...very frustrating! So whether you are vegan or not and looking for a milk alternative for yogurt, choose Silk if you have that option. I have not been asked to write these reviews and they are my own personal opinions. :) Just something I felt like sharing to keep others from having to spend $1.19 on one container of yogurt only to throw it away!
As for my new favorite obsession snack, oil-free roasted chickpeas! They are PHENOMENAL! I made 2 cans of them and I am almost done with the whole bag, after only 6 days at work. They are a great substitution to chips and they taste a heck of a lot better!! I will post my recipe tomorrow. Just wanted to share an alternative to unhealthy snacks! I ate about 4 handfuls today and I didn't feel bad at all. (I will be posting a after picture of the fruit bars I posted in my recipe page the other day today too.)

After workout snack: Chocolate soy protein shake, a rice cake with all natural peanut butter and a handful of Bear Naked protein granola.

Question for today: What are some of your favorite post workout foods?

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