Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From My Couch :)

Exhausted from my run! 2.24 miles logged tonight. My first 5K of the season is coming up on Saturday (if the rain holds out!) There will be more exciting things happening this weekend but that's for a later blog. 
As for my weekend, the awful Midwestern weather did not get me down. On Friday night, the kids and I went to a cook out at the brother and sister in laws. It was a nice time with nice company and I got to teach my little girl how to ride a bike!!! Which was very exciting for her and me. 
Saturday morning we headed out to Minneapolis for a mini vacation with the kiddos! We planned on staying at a hotel with an indoor pool (sad for Memorial Day weekend.) We arrived and went straight to the mall of America to plan out of days and eat and Bubba Gumps Shrimp House. It's the kids favorite and it's a fun environment! We walked around (a total of 5-6 miles that night.) Back at the room, we changed into our swim suits and hopped in the pool for a swim. A few laps was very relaxing with all the walking we were about to do the next day! 
On Sunday we had a huge walking day. I love walking, but after 8 hours of doing it and standing to watch the kids ride the rides was awful. I was so tired, I needed a nap at 5. My phone calculate 12 miles and it wasn't going the entire time. So I estimate 18-20 miles total. 
After my nap, we went a few blocks away to the Whole Foods. I really wish we had one near us. I got 4 vegan cookies from the bakery and I are them all! They were beyond amazing. :) 
The kids went swimming Saturday night while I relaxed in the room! It was a rough day for me and I needed to sit down for a little while. 
Monday morning the kids and I got up and went swimming. My goal was to stay warm by swimming laps. It felt nice to switch up the routine and do some swimming and walking and shopping. 
After check out we went to Sports Authority and I found a new pair of running shorts. We went and grabbed some bagels from this amazing place called Einstein Bagels. They were SPECTACULAR! If you are ever in the Minneapolis Minnesota area you need to stop by from the best bagels in the world (my opinion of course.) 
And then the dreaded long drive home. 
Of course I packed healthy snacks for the ride up and back home. I packed garlic baked pita chips, roasted chickpeas, and a gallon jug of water to keep me hydrated :D and whoever says being healthy is impossible on a road trip didn't know what they were talking about!! The worst thing I ate on my trip was vegan cookies! 
I will be adding some pictures now! 

Question of the day: Have you every been to the Mall of America? What'a you favorite was to stay healthy on a vacation? 

My new $10 bathing suit from Hollister :D

Ninja Turtle ride!
Aww...sibling love :D

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