Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Goals

Yesterday I made a post about my fitness goals to help me lose the baby weight and tone my stomach back up after a hellacious pregnancy. Now let's talk about life goals. My life has completely changed this year. Last year this time I was dreaming about getting off work and hitting the bars with my boyfriend. Today, I'm sitting here drinking my coffee to wake up, pumping milk to feed my babies and listening to the coo and being someone's wife! Can you say complete 180? The change that happens when you become a mother is very dramatic, and for weeks I took it really hard! I was caught somewhere between wanting to be the person I was before and trying to figure out how to be the person I am now! For me, I think that when we as new moms get stuck in that in between phase is where PPD (postpartum depression) comes from! I felt lost and incomplete! This also went towards my fitness life as well! As soon as I found out I was pregnant I avoided all exercise like the plague! I had already lost 2 babies, I wasn't going to risk one more (or 3 as we would come to find out!) And then with 3, you really aren't given the option to exercise. Too high risk! So that was another rut I was stuck in. This person who has done some form of exercise almost every day for years to being a couch potato (thanks for the flat ass!!!) All of these things make you rethink and te priorities your life. So on to my life goals.
The first one is going to be stop body shaming. It took years for me to focus on the nutrition part of my weight loss/lifestyle change. I was one of those girls who are nothing to lose the 5lbs with no physical activity. And then I body shamed! I removed that mindset when I began eating better and healthier food because I felt better. Well in the throws of my pregnancy you could find me chained to the bench of Dairy Queen waiting for them to open every morning and driving by real slow to make sure they weren't closed at night. Sweets was all
I wanted and needed. I can count on one hand how many vegetables I ate (fruits were good; they were sweet). So now it's time to get my insides feeling better so that I can get back to feeling better mentally and physically! :) 
Another life goal I have is to be even more aware! I have to stop beating myself up because the dishes aren't done and realize my focus needs to be on my babies! There's 3 minds I have to nourish and grown and they don't care if the dishes are dirty! They need me to be there to play with and to show things to because that's how their mind develops! There are certain things I can do throughout the day that will help them and give me more time with them. As you can imagine spreading yourself 3 ways leaves you pretty thin. 
My last life goal for the day is to be a better wife. We got married last Saturday and I know a lot of my focus SHOULD be on the babies but there's still another piece to the puzzle. Without this man I wouldn't have these sweet babies and that would be sad. So just show him appreciation, talk to him about things that don't involve the babies, because as much as he loves them we shouldn't always have conversations about baby poop and spit up! 

I'm setting pretty reasonable goals for myself because I do have a lot on my plate. But basically it all comes down to intentions and being aware of the situations throughout my day; my body and health, my babies and my husband. Just being aware of these aspects and reacting appropriately! :) 
I'll leave you with some pictures from our wedding. I'm still adjusting to being a married woman. ;) 

I do!! 
Our family is complete! 
True love :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting back into this!

Ok ok! I do realize it's been quite a while since I've been on here. Between a triplet pregnancy and giving birth and now having 3-2 month old babies it's been hard to find time to get into this. But I am going to try to tie my life as a mother and my getting back into this fitness thing together. So for now let's just sum up my pregnancy; horrible!! Lol imagine carrying 3 babies and what that does to your body. I started at 150lbs and went up to 235lbs. That's an 85lb weight gain (I never want to see that number on the scale again!) but I had 3 very healthy babies and they come straight home with me! So even though I hate my body now, it gave me 3 wonderful babies and healthy babies and that's all that counts! But now it's time to focus on me and getting back to feeling healthy. :) my last weigh in was at my 6 week pp appointment, and I was at 183lbs. So still 33lbs away from my prepregnancy weight. My 1st goal is to get back down to 150. Now how am I going to do that? Well 1st I have to find time to do little workout throughout the day! Even little workouts will be a start; squats while washing dishes, Lunges while brushing my teeth. These little things add up. Park further in the parking lots and walk the stairs. I have to start with planks for my abdominal separation because I can't really do sit ups or crutches right now. So this is the goals, I have them typed out now I just have to work on it. :) I plan on posting updates from me and the babies. They need to gain weight and I need to lose it. Send some positive work out vibes my way. Oh and my long temp goal is a 5k by next March! Better get started on that running ;) 

Grr! And this is the extra skin from 3 babies! 

The front :( 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Chapter In My Life

It feels like I've been away forever. And maybe I have been. I apologize for that....things have been super busy for me here. I do have some super, amazing, excited news for all of my beautiful readers out there and make this a special edition blog...

I'M GETTING MARRIED!! August 9th of 2014 I will be marrying the man of my dreams. To say I'm happy would be a severe understatement. We were driving down the road, I was upset about some situation that day and he just asked. Of course I thought he was joking but he was serious and I said yes. Of course I said yes, this is the man I have spent my life waiting for.

So in honor of my engagement, we are both hitting the gym hard for the next 304 days (yes I've started the countdown!) Sunday we met up with a friend and hit the treadmill first. After a mile run warm-up, we hit back and shoulders. Of course I pick this to start back on because my shoulders build so easily. My problem areas are my triceps, my booty and my stomach so every gym session I will be targeting these areas. Abs work and squats are a definite every time. Plus it's time to clean up our diet a little so all the gym work isn't wasted. Right now we will be going every other day with a light gym sesh and hot yoga on Sunday nights. There are also a lot of free classes offered with my gym membership so I'm really looking forward to trying some new fitness things! :) YAYA for getting back on the wagon for a really great cause!

Since this blog is so wedding related already....I am going to post pictures of all my brilliant ideas for my rustic, very small wedding. Also, if anyone has any helpful advice on planning a wedding on a very small budget, feel free to comment or shoot me an email.

Lets jump right into this shall we:


These will be the centerpieces. Mason jars and twine. Simple and rustic.

This dress is the style I'm looking for. Shorter with lace sleeves. :)

These shoes. ARE. BEAUTIFUL! They match my colors (turquoise, orange and yellow) and will look amazing with the shorter dress.

 I am working on this for my soon-to-be husband. I will get this delivered with his wedding gift on our big day! He isn't big on doing our own vows, so this will be my way to use my own words!

And this is the cake. My isn't it beautiful. Well without the flowers it is my dream cake and this is the one I will have.

And for the aisle chairs, these will be the decorations. Sunflowers will be in my bouquet also. :)
Now, I have to drop 10 lbs before I go dress shopping and then maintain that for a few months. This should be fun. But I can do it. I'm so excited and stressed but somehow eerily calm. I know this is the perfect thing for me. Now just to make it 304 days still holding it all together.
Question: Any wedding ideas?
DIY projects to make things easier?
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remember Where You Came From

Today I want to take a walk down memory lane and look at why and when I started my fitness journey. I haven't been in the mood to do any of the things I love lately and I think looking back at why I started this lifestyle will be the motivation I need to pick it back up.
The first time I ever walked into a weight room was at 18. I was a freshman in college and the gym on campus was designed for women (I went to an all-girls college.) My roommate and I said lets go ride the bikes. That's where it all started. We would spend an hour on the bikes then get ready for our next class. This wasn't a sweat inducing workout at all...I mean we texted and watched TV the whole time. Then one day I went in and it was empty; just me. So instead of getting on the bike I decided to do some basic crunches and free weight squats. This is where my love for the gym come in. College was stressful enough, with 2 jobs it was almost unbearable. So to get some "me" time and release some stress, I would hit the gym. I would go at 1AM when I finished my last shift or get up at 5AM to make it to the gym before the day started. I loved it. I think I would have been less relaxed if the gym had been co-ed. I know even my first time stepping into a gym with men there was intimidating and I had been lifting over a year at that point. When I moved to Iowa, my love for lifting only grew stronger. I still love going into the gym. Pushing myself beyond what I think I can do will never get old and seeing how much my body has changed in just a few years is astonishing.
But a girl can't just lift right? So what was my next big adventure in this fitness journey?
What have I been missing for 19 years of my life. Why didn't anybody tell me how perfect running is? It's a shame I went so long without knowing what it feels like to be in the moment of pure bliss. This is how I feel when I run. Where did this start you may ask? Well one cold rainy morning, I set my alarm earlier than usual. For whatever reason, I rolled out of bed, put on the only pair of tennis shoes I had and hit the door.
Believe it or not, I used to say this ALL the time. And I meant it. That one day changed it all. And it was awful. The whole entire MILE I ran was slow, cold with a lot of walking. And you wanna know what, I really have improved that much since then. I know I know I'm not giving myself credit. That very first mile last about 18 minutes. And for someone who never ran a day in their life, I thought that was amazing. Over the last 2 1/2 years, I have bought actual running shoes, a GPS watch, an arm band for my phone and sports bras. I know these things don't make a person a runner but for me these things help me run better. I have slowly increased my mileage over this time span...from one mile to 3 or 4 miles. I'm not a distance runner...yet. Trust me, this post already makes me want to get out there and log a good 10 miles. I love running. I love races because the moment you cross that finish line is a feeling that only a runner can describe. Running never takes more than it gives and it requires no special skills or equipment. Running is running. As humans, we are built to run. I think a lot of people forget that or fail to realize it. I know I did for 19 years. All it takes is that 1st step out the door and you're hooked. I know there are some days when stepping out that door feels just as hard as it did the 1st time I did it. I also know that there have been a few miles that felt exactly as daunting as that very first one but as runners we keep going. We learn to analyze what went wrong, what we could have done better and then just leave it. When we hit the pavement, we give it our very best and then leave it on the pavement when we're done.I have a feeling 5AM runs need to start happening more often.

Ok so we have weight lifting, running....what else can you do? What more do you want to put your body through? This last thing is my reward to my body. It is my way of saying thank you for all that you have do and will do. This wonderful thing I'm talking about it yoga. I remember the very first time I stepped into the only hot yoga studio in Cedar Falls IA. My friend had asked me to join her for a yoga class. Why not? I had always done light stretching for lifting and running but an actual class. What could it hurt? Plus the 1st time was I wasn't losing anything if I didn't like it. What my friend had failed to mention was I would be in what felt like a 2x4 box with other people in a 105 degree room. I was shocked and thought "OH HELL NO!" Little did I know that I would find more peace within myself in that one hour that I have ever in my life. I felt every ounce of stress, pain and worry melt off my skin just like butter...because I know butter would melt in that room really fast! :)
AND I WAS HOOKED. It's funny how all these things are addicting. The endorphins are like a fix that you have to have all the time. Yoga is that fix for me. After lifting and running, the best way I can repay my body is melting into my yoga mat and deep breathing until everything is all ok again. Yoga has helped me in so many ways, with little worries to major life decisions. I know when I need the answer to something, I just have to roll out my yoga mat and go to that place where it all makes sense. I've moved away from the hot yoga studio, the price is a little too steep for me. But I have moved it into my living room where I grow stronger and experiment with what I can do. I love yoga so much I have Namaste tattooed on my spine to remind me that I am one with the universe and everyone in it.

All these milestones in my life have lead me to this. I haven't ran since the Warrior July. Part of the reason is because I didn't train/hydrate/prepare for that race to be as intense as it was. I was dehydrated and delusional by the end of the race and I knew I would need time to recover. Now I'm recovered (have been for a while) and just can't seem to hop back into it.
I haven't lifted in three months (SAD SAD SAD.) My gym membership ran out and I just haven't gotten a new one. This def. needs to happen sooner than later.
Yoga: Oh my sweet yoga! This  is one thing I haven't abandoned. I do this as often as I can and especially whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed.

So this is my journey. And I know it will continue, I have no doubt about that. I love fitness way too much to ever give it up! We're just going through a rough patch right now, a breathing period if I can. :)

Unrelated news: I start fertility testing on Monday. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Question of the day: When was a major fitness milestone for you?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Feeling the Burn

Ah my legs are extremely sore today. On top of my legs being sore, my desk job left me sitting all day so I couldn't stretch them out properly! So now they are like balled up and twisted! 

And I love it! I miss the feeling of being sore after a great workout. All of this is from my hot filled weekend at Sol Yoga! 
Saturday I did hot yoga how the 1st time in months...and it was just as great as I remembered! Sunday I woke up bright and early for my 1st ever barre method class...and I am in love! I have to do it again! The core work is phenomenal and my legs felt like they were going to snap off from the squats and lift we did on class. It's upbeat, energetic and so much fun! The perfect way to start out a Sunday morning! I'm used to the heat from my times at hot yoga but I was up and moving and even dancing a little! I cannot wait to go back. :) 

A few days ago I was practicing yoga and finally nailed a pose I've been working on for a while. I love seeing my strength grow with each practice, whether it's running, weight training or yoga! 

Today I walk with my new puppy. She's 8 weeks old and she can't run quite yet but she's getting there. We jogged a little but mostly walked and that was ok! We will get up to running in time. I love having a new waking/running buddy. She doesn't talk, quiet and stubborn at times. :) 

I'm still trying to implement the new changes in my life, it gets easier every day! It's nice to look at the positives even with all the negativity in the world. 

Tonight my heart goes out to all the families effected by the shooting at the Navy base today. Such heartless crimes make me so sad. I don't understand the world full of hate and never will. Prayers will be headed that way tonight! 

Question of the day: Are you a lone runner or do you enjoy having someone to run with? 

It depends on the day but most of the time I will run further if I have somebody with me. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Steps In the Right Direction

HELLO! It's Friday...thank goodness! I have waited for this day for an entire week :)

Today, I want to talk about things I am going to start TRYING to change in my life. These aren't big changes for Me to make but I have a feeling they are going to make a huge change in my life...positive changes.

If you have read my recent blog post, they haven't really been upbeat, cheery happy blogs! Some may say they are downright depressing (Sorry blog readers!!) 2013 has been a rough road for me with more pot holes than I would ever care for. But this post isn't about the negativity. This post is about me becoming a more positive person and finding the person I used to be, before life knocked me on my side.

Things I am going to start changing in my life to be a more positive person:

1. Stop looking back at the past, stop looking and worrying about the future.
I am the worst at never living in the moment. It doesn't matter what the situation, I am usually looking ahead to plan the disaster that is more than likely never going to happen. This causes a lot of anxiety and unwanted sadness in my life that can easily be eliminated. I need to start catching myself every time I start removing myself from the moment. Do you know how many potential memories I miss out on by not really being in the moment. I basically live my day-to-day life days ahead. I will stop this.

2. Stop trying to please everyone else and putting others happiness ahead of mine.
Guilty Guilty Guilty is how I plead to this! I am so guilty of putting myself on the back burner for the people I love. At first you may think it's not a bad thing, to be so unselfish and giving to others. But what happens when you no longer know how to make yourself happy without the happiness of someone else. If that makes sense?! My favorite thing to say is "Oh what makes me happy? Making other people happy." STOP IT! If you cannot make yourself happy, how can you possibly make others happy? I have to start putting myself 1st every once in a while.

3. Stop blaming someone new for the things someone in the past did.
This is a huge one for me. Past relationships have taught me to keep my guard up and one foot out the door and over the years this has become a habit. Always ready to run, that's me! And I always seem to keep anyone new at arms length....never really letting them get close enough. And we won't even talk about trusting. But from this day forward, I will let those walls down and open up because if I don't, I'll keep living in the past. Time to let it all go and realize not everyone is going to hurt me...some people really do want to be in my life for me and that's all!

4. Stop falling off the damn wagon.
I feel like I always fall off the fitness wagon. Not on purpose, but I just slip and slip until BOOM I'm on the ground looking at the dust that used to be my fitness goals. I know there are a lot of people out there who experience the same thing but it's still no fun starting back over. I always think, if I had kept going I wonder how far I would be now! It always takes something big to get me back on the wagon. Like my clothes magically "shrinking" for the 1st time in years. I can only blame it on the dryer so long before I have to face the cold hard fact that I am getting fluff in areas that really don't need any more fluff. The 1st step to reaching this goal is to get a new pair of running shoes since my pair got destroyed in the Warrior Dash (which I still need to do a post on, I promise it's coming!) So I'm looking at a pair of Brooks stability shoes because the girl at the runners' store told me they work best for my severe pronation. Just one thing is standing in the way of this goal...I'm a working gal with bills and $150.00 for running shoes is better spent elsewhere. So...If any of you ladies have ANY suggestions what-so-ever for shoes that are comparable to Brooks but don't require a 2nd job, PLEASE PLEASE comment and let me know!

5. Figure out what I want to do with my life!
This is my biggest problem/worry/fear is that I'm going to spend my life rotting in a desk chair. Yes, I am college degree holding woman that has no idea what I want to do with my life! I am standing here at 21 years old spinning in circles with a very confused look on my face. I know it needs to be fitness related. I am so passionate about fitness and nutrition, this has to be involved in my life. When I talk about these things I get excited and passionate! So, yes I know all the fields I can enter into..I just have to stop procrastinating. So this is another thing I am changing in my life...starting right now!!

All of these positive changes and new mindsets have me dizzy but excited. To start off my new way of thinking, I am hitting up the hot yoga studio this weekend for a hot yoga session tomorrow morning and trying something new, the hot barre method class Sunday morning. I'm so excited and all classes are free this weekend to celebrate the year anniversary of the cedar valley's 1st ever Hot Yoga Studio. Check out to see what classes they offer, if you will be in the Cedar Falls area this weekend! Let me know if you're going to stop in the early AM classes!!

And now to bombarded you with my favorite Pins from this week....well because it's my blog and I can! ENJOY!

So I NEED this for my fall/winter running! I will have it just wait :D

New hair cut? I think so!!!

Words to live by!

There has never been anything more true!


Question of the day: Have you made any positive changes in your life lately?

Anyone know of any great, cheap stability running shoes?