Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Life; Usually!

My arms are going to fall off (that's what it feels like anyways.) Even as I type this, they don't
seem to want to work. With chest day on Monday and arms last night, its safe to say I am
ready for legs tonight!! It's an obsession, the need to lift heavy things and put them back down

Ok, so lets review my normal routine. With 2 children, my morning routine is hectic. It's up at
6:30, they eat, I pack my food for work and then dressed and out the door. It's generally a rush
and there are always things forgotten.
As for my food, I don't count calories! I have tried that and food became an obseesion rather than
nutrients in which I fed my body. Obssessing over food is likely going to lead to choices that
aren't healthy or binges due to restrictions. Neither of those are what I want or need!
So my breakfast is small (I know I know it's supposed to be the biggest meal of
the day but I eat it in front of my computer at work) and always a pack of sugar-free brown sugar
oatmeal. I have yet to find an oatmeal recipe that I like or can stick to making (If you have any
suggestions let me know please!)

For lunch today, I am having leftovers. I make meals every night and I am always excited
when there is extra for me to take to work. Today's leftovers is basil and olive oil couscous
and a healthy helping of mixed vegetable (lima beans, corn, broccoli, green beans.) Very
simple and filling!
For supper, I am planning on making stir fry veggies and sauteing some chicken on the side.
During the week, that's usually about as hard as it gets. By the time I leave work, I have 3.5
hours to do homework, make supper, take showers and of course go to the gym! That's a lot
of activity in a few hours. I am running non-stop until my head hits the pillow and that's ok
with me. Being busy and being a mom is all that matters to me :)


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