Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Ya! For freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness! I am so glad to live in the US, where I have the freedom to look how I want and run anywhere I feel like it :) it's such a blessing, the little things! 
Sorry I have been away. I am dealing with some sort of illness, they haven't figured it out yet but I've been dealing with that for 2 weeks now! :( this year has been a rough one for me but I'm remaining positive! I'm still running, not as much and not as far. I have put lifting on the back burner for now...the way I'm feeling and the unknown of what's wrong I'm not willing to push myself too hard and possibly get worse! But it will resume I promise. For tonight we will be going to see some fireworks and celebrate the 4th :) 

Question of the day: How are you spending your 4th? Any workouts? Let me know :)

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