Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sort of Fitness Related!

I read this on Pinterest this morning and it just really stuck with me. These past few weeks have been ones of reflecting, deciding and praying. Also, there has been a lot of body shaming. Due to whatever is medically wrong with me, my body has turned into a disaster. Not so much for how it looks but for the lack of what it can do at this point. I'm sure if I went to the gym today and tried to lift anything over 5 lbs it would be impossible. And that makes me miserably sad. As I'm beating myself up over the things that are going on in my personal life, it's so hard to regain focus on my goals and dreams in my fitness life. Today I am going to get with Katie and we are going to workout a little. Either go for a run or do a yoga DVD together. I find it easier to get back into the swing of things if I have someone there to talk to. Right now, I can't shut my mind completely off in order to focus solely on fitness, so having her there will give me a way to vent. I just looked at the calendar and seen I have 6 weeks of training before the Warrior Dash comes up on the 24th of August. After that is the Park to Park 10K and I caught wind of a Zombie Run going on in October (I mean, who could pass this up!) So I need to get training....like yesterday! I actually have a little motivation back so I am ready to start training every day for the next 6 weeks. :)
In other news, Friday I went to Sol Yoga in Cedar Falls, IA. It is my go-to stress reliever and I love this place. Everything about it is perfect. While I do have favorite instructors, all of them do a great job and I have yet to take a class that I didn't love. Also, the 5PM class on Friday is only $5 so I take full advantage. It will now be a weekly thing because who doesn't want to relax and unwind after a long week? This week in class I did my first ever handstand and people, I AM ADDICTED. I want to live my life upside down from this point on. Have you ever tried something new (a new lifting move, yoga move, HIIT) that you feel in love with and knew you would do it...well forever? Well this is how this was and I cannot wait to practice and improve to the point I can do it free of the wall.
Also, I have made the decision to switch gyms, which is exciting. I am getting better a little day after day which gives me some hope. I have another procedure, an endoscopy so they can go inside and see if there is anything abnormal going on! I'm hoping this will be the last test they have to do. So hopes and prayers my way please and I will be back to posting about fitness related stuff soon!! :)

Question of the day: How do you get back on the wagon when you fall off, whether its medical reason or personal choice?


  1. thats such a great quote up there! its soo true. i think its impossible to live one life constantly on the wagon, life goes in rhythms, it ebbs and flows, sometimes you're healthy and motivated, other times you're emotionally/ mentally/ or physically just not up to par. just like how falling off is inevitable, getting back on needs to be just as inevitable to continue moving forward.

  2. Charlotte that is so true. I look for motivation all over the place and I see people who have taken 3-4 years to get their body where they want it and it makes me think I am truly just starting on this journey! I look at the positives, how even though the illness has knocked me down and redirected my training, my eating has remained healthy and all the "addictions" I have overcome. Its a constant lifestyle and I'm sure I will fall off again! We all do!
    Thank you for the comment and I love hearing from you!