Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Do I Do Now?

Ok, if you do not love this woman you can leave this blog now! (No, seriously who doesn't love Zoey?) Since Saturday, I have found myself sucked into Netflix watching the entire 1st season of New Girl. I know, I am a little behind but I'm caught up now! And I'm hooked. Last night I finished watching the last episode and I had to look around and ask, what to do with my life now? I have been lost in this show for 3 days now....oh yea maybe I should start back on my training since I now have 25 days until the warrior dash. You heard me right 25 DAYS! Where is the time going my friends? I could not be more pumped up and excited about this race, mentally. Physically, I am getting fluffy in places I hate fluff and I silently hear my muscles deteriorating while I try to sleep. SO i have to kick my training into TURBO drive and really start kicking my own ass. I have lost accountability but no worries my friend. We all fall off the wagon, I will get back on!!
It's almost August?! Why didn't anyone warn me that the older I get, the faster time goes. Not during the day because my office job is like the pits of hell (I can imagine with all that heat the day goes pretty slow), but looking back it's all a blur. A big, confused filled blur that will forever go down in the history books as THE WORST YEAR ever. But in all seriousness, where is the time going. I keep looking ahead thinking...Christmas is only 5 months away now! And I despise Christmas. Not the holiday per say but the way people act around Christmas.

Wow, this blog is getting random fast!! What my point is supposed to be is I need a new focus in life. I have long ago come to the conclusion that office work was not for me and I really want to do something in the fitness industry. Professional bikini modeling is always an idea....but I would actually have to be able to wear a bikini for that to happen. I want to teach, motivate, take my passion for fitness and place it gently upon others shoulders. Is that too much to ask? So basically, I want to be a trainer. A yoga teacher? Maybe I even want to cook and teach others how to eat healthy.

You see my dilemma. Also, I haven't researched any of this. I know some take degrees....I'll go to school. And they take money....that resource is limited to almost everyone but I could make it work. Time....well I have some of that free and I've never been shy of a lot going on at once. Just where to begin. I'll start will finding out how much time and money these things will take. I could be a super time master and do them all at once ;) buuuttt...that's not going to happen. I will do some research and then write about how and what it will take to do all of these things. Oh, how I love research :)

So today, I will pull together all my resources and I will figure out which option is practical in my life. If I have to be a full time student, that isn't practical. If it cost hundreds of dollars, again not practical. But we shall see!

Question of the day: How are you guys? Still hanging on the wagon for dear life? Do you know anything about getting into the fitness field?

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