Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Discussion Time

Alright, all my fellow fitties! I need to know what you think: 
I have been doing the same routine for a little over a year now with not much change! Yes I've revved up my cardio for race training but when it come to weight lifting I have been consistent in my efforts to sculpt my arms, legs and abs! Legs are look FANTASTIC and my booty is following right along (I think this has more to do with the increase in running.) My arm and ab routine have been the same since I started. Even though I have upped my sets and reps and the amount of weights have gone up its been the same movement over and over and over again. I've never had a paid personal trainer and the only class I've ever taken is yoga based!! So my new goal...see major arm and ab definition. The plan: do 8 weeks of Roc Fit and cut carbs out of my diet. (I have a weakness for carbs so its all or nothing! Moderation is not a word when it comes to carbs!) I'm hoping by shocking my diet and my routine a little I can see some major results. I have plateaued and it's no fun...working out is still fun, plateauing is not fun! :) 
Plus I need a training program for the Warrior Dash in August so this would be a great start :)

So my question for you: have you ever made a dramatic change in your workouts to make gains in your fitness goals? Please share and help me figure all this mess out! 

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