Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vacation Review!

Ah finally...the long awaited post! Sorry I've been MIA for the past week...vacation recovery is hard. I'm still trying to reset my sleeping schedule and get back to normal. Also, I'm having to detox my system from all of the "crap" food I ate. Well...the out of normal food and an awful schedule! Not eating breakfast until 11am or not eating lunch....takes a while to get back in track. Ok so a recap!! NC was as beautiful as ever and it was great to see my family after 9 months apart. Also, a lot has happened since I last seen them. My great grandma passed away the day after I was told about my miscarriage. My grandma has been sick off and on. Just a lot of up and downs; it was great to see everyone and laugh again. Oh and my beautiful nephews. How fun it was to play and laugh with them..they love their aunt leighleigh! Saturday we had a BBQ with family and close friends as a welcome home. I stayed up until midnight just catching up and talking talking talking. Sunday we went to see my great-grandmas burial site and I said my good-byes. After that we spent the afternoon at my grandparents. That night we met up and had a few drinks to celebrate my 21st birthday. I never drink so it was ok to waste a few calories on bar food and beer! 
(Across is my BFF Sarah) 
Monday was again a chill day; spending time with my family! Tuesday was our pack up day and saying our good-byes. It's so hard to say bye to my nana and pawpaw. They are my entire world and I try not to think about their limited time left on Earth! We get to Charlotte airport only to find a delay due to storms. Our connecting flight was missed in Detroit so we had to stay the night to get back home. We were supposed to be on the 900am flight to Des Moines but of course that was overbooked. So I had a boring day sitting around the Detroit airport until 430pm. (Check out my Vine @justaskinnybtch) We finally make it home to Iowa. Thank God! :) 
Pookie as Superman 

Me, my TWIN sister and my two adorable nephews! 

It was a fantastic trip but I missed Iowa and my home and was more than ready to get back. Family will drive you crazy you know! :D So there you have it, the fun in NC...well not fun but family time and memories made! Hope you all are having a great Sunday!! Ill be getting in a few miles run today after the rain lets up!! 

Question of the day: Do you live far away from family? How often do you get to visit?

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