Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Running Day!

YAYAY! A day that celebrates one of my favorite things to do?! My therapy? My release? My way of saying thank you to God for giving me this amazing body? What could possibly be better :)


My celebration for this great day will be spent logging in a few miles with my kids. We have a quiet path that we run almost every day and if we keep up like this, they will both be ready to run 5K's in no time. Some days they ask me to go for a run before I can decide whether I want to or not. Ah those words are great to hear! That and their refusal to eat fast food and willingness to try all of my crazy vegan cooking.

Also, since today is National Running Day, I will set my goals for this month. Here are last months running stats. I use MapMyRun app every time I run or walk during lunch at work and it sends me weekly and monthly reports and it also sends me when I break a previous record. I love the app, couldn't imagine using anything else. It does exactly what I need it to do.

So May's results:

27 miles divided between 17 workouts; that's not bad. And it's def. an improvement from previous months. Now, on to June goals.

  • Double the miles ran. So in June, I want a total of 54 miles under my belt. That is more than doable.
  • Cut down on carbs. I am a carb addict...and while I see nothing wrong with carbs, I do believe they should be used sparingly. This week has been going ok. Not the best but hey, I just started! :)
  • Do 1 day of yoga a week, no exceptions. I want to start doing new moves and improving on the moves I know and yoga really is wonderful. I will make time to fit it in.
  • Continue with my less TV, more reading. I am seeing a much better change in my sleep patterns when I read before bed instead of being on Twitter with NCIS is the background. Makes my nights easier and I feel like I have a better purpose!
  • Try Crossfit at least once!!! <This is a big one for me.
  • Keep adding the variety into my workouts with the Summer Shape Up I mentioned in Monday's blog. My legs are still sore and I love it!
Question of the day: What are your June goals? Have you set new ones for yourself or improving on old goals? I'd love to hear them! :D

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