Monday, June 3, 2013

Race Recap and Other Fun Things

Happy Monday everyone!

Ill start out with a question: what have you done today to reach your fitness goals? 

Today I set a new pattern for my workout and changed up my work out to challenge me. I mixed the new work out from Summer Shape Up with chest day weight training that I usually do. It's free to sign up and the work outs are very doable! I am loving the cardio HIIT workouts she has posted with the other workout! I'm a huge believe that you need both cardio and body weight/weight training! 
I also have decided to start going to the gym straight after work. With the kids out of school, it's so much easier for me to just go straight after work. Plus it doesn't give me the excuse of coming home and getting lazy on the couch. It worked great today...we'll see if I can hold strong the rest of the week!! 
Okay race recap time. I have been planning this is my mind for days. To say I'm disappointed in myself would be an understatement! I wanted to do 9 minute miles on minimally trained legs. I had logged about 30 miles so far of running and walking but no set training! That was a huge mistake!!! After mile 1 I lost all wind. It went downhill from there. I passed mile 3 at 36 minutes and finished the race in a little over 41 minutes. That's a 13 minute mile split! 

Liz Irwin :) 

But then my thoughts went to "well at least I finished." I didn't give up even when my brain was fighting against my body. I also finished before the awards ceremony, which started about 4 minutes after I crossed the finish line. So there are the bright spots. 
The race course went through a neighborhood in town. It was a mile and a half down with a quarter mile loop and them back the same way to finish. The weather was amazing...couldn't have been better; sunny and low 60's. The running path was shaded most of the time so it kept things cool. 
I'm so proud of Jeremy...he finished 9th in his age group and 88th overall! Katie finished 6 behind me and pushed herself the whole race!! 
At the finish line they had bottle water, bananas (for cramps; a runners dream snack) and bagel bites. I ate a few bananas and drank 2 waters and watch the awards! It was a great 1st 5K and I learned a lot: 
 *dont beat yourself up, just use that to motivate you for next time! 
* TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! You have to get your body accustom to new things! 
*enjoy the moment! I almost cried as I passed the finish line and seen my kids there cheering me on! Ill hold that memory forever.

Doesn't he look happy to be there? Me and Katie sure are!!! 

Starting line 

Our race bibs :D

Good night everyone!! Hope you enjoyed a peek into my thoughts tonight! 

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