Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Gym

My gym is my sanctuary, my home away from home, my therapist office. It's where all my anger and frustration go! I am myself at the gym; complete and whole. Other than running alone, it's the only place I really feel at peace. (Oh and yoga!) At the gym, I am my only competition! And that is nice. Most of my days feel like its a battle between me and the world! 

Every time I think about quitting or ask myself why I'm doing this, I look back at all the months of hard work and the sweat and tears. I know I can't stop! If I stop now, everything I have done will be a waste. 
Speaking of looking back, I wanna take you guys back and tell you all the things I've accomplished, that I never thought I could:
*finishing P90X alongside my best friend! 
*running my very 1st early morning run before work (and then continuing to do that, rain or shine, for months!)
*the first time I walked into the gym and wasn't terrified (this one took a little while but I did get there.) 
*make it a year with no soda at all (I'm over a year and a half now.) 
*make it over a year with no fast food, no slip ups! 
*going vegan for my body and for the planet and to save animals lives! 
*Making new PRs for dumbbell bench press. 
*seeing my quad muscle pop in my leg (my absolute favorite!!!) 
*running my very 1st 5K :) 
The major thing that the gym and weightlifting have showed me of how to love my body of what it will do, not how it looks. I never dreamed I could lift 105 lbs off the ground, let alone do it 6 times! 
I never knew my legs could push 210 lbs! The body is an amazing thing and ill be damned if I'm going to sit back and let mine waste away! I love lifting and I will do it until I can't do it anymore. It's ok if I never go pro or become a fitness model, I will know I gave my all every day to make myself baby! 

Question of the day: what is your greatest accomplishment in your weight loss or fitness journey?

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