Monday, September 16, 2013

Feeling the Burn

Ah my legs are extremely sore today. On top of my legs being sore, my desk job left me sitting all day so I couldn't stretch them out properly! So now they are like balled up and twisted! 

And I love it! I miss the feeling of being sore after a great workout. All of this is from my hot filled weekend at Sol Yoga! 
Saturday I did hot yoga how the 1st time in months...and it was just as great as I remembered! Sunday I woke up bright and early for my 1st ever barre method class...and I am in love! I have to do it again! The core work is phenomenal and my legs felt like they were going to snap off from the squats and lift we did on class. It's upbeat, energetic and so much fun! The perfect way to start out a Sunday morning! I'm used to the heat from my times at hot yoga but I was up and moving and even dancing a little! I cannot wait to go back. :) 

A few days ago I was practicing yoga and finally nailed a pose I've been working on for a while. I love seeing my strength grow with each practice, whether it's running, weight training or yoga! 

Today I walk with my new puppy. She's 8 weeks old and she can't run quite yet but she's getting there. We jogged a little but mostly walked and that was ok! We will get up to running in time. I love having a new waking/running buddy. She doesn't talk, quiet and stubborn at times. :) 

I'm still trying to implement the new changes in my life, it gets easier every day! It's nice to look at the positives even with all the negativity in the world. 

Tonight my heart goes out to all the families effected by the shooting at the Navy base today. Such heartless crimes make me so sad. I don't understand the world full of hate and never will. Prayers will be headed that way tonight! 

Question of the day: Are you a lone runner or do you enjoy having someone to run with? 

It depends on the day but most of the time I will run further if I have somebody with me. 

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