Friday, September 13, 2013

Steps In the Right Direction

HELLO! It's Friday...thank goodness! I have waited for this day for an entire week :)

Today, I want to talk about things I am going to start TRYING to change in my life. These aren't big changes for Me to make but I have a feeling they are going to make a huge change in my life...positive changes.

If you have read my recent blog post, they haven't really been upbeat, cheery happy blogs! Some may say they are downright depressing (Sorry blog readers!!) 2013 has been a rough road for me with more pot holes than I would ever care for. But this post isn't about the negativity. This post is about me becoming a more positive person and finding the person I used to be, before life knocked me on my side.

Things I am going to start changing in my life to be a more positive person:

1. Stop looking back at the past, stop looking and worrying about the future.
I am the worst at never living in the moment. It doesn't matter what the situation, I am usually looking ahead to plan the disaster that is more than likely never going to happen. This causes a lot of anxiety and unwanted sadness in my life that can easily be eliminated. I need to start catching myself every time I start removing myself from the moment. Do you know how many potential memories I miss out on by not really being in the moment. I basically live my day-to-day life days ahead. I will stop this.

2. Stop trying to please everyone else and putting others happiness ahead of mine.
Guilty Guilty Guilty is how I plead to this! I am so guilty of putting myself on the back burner for the people I love. At first you may think it's not a bad thing, to be so unselfish and giving to others. But what happens when you no longer know how to make yourself happy without the happiness of someone else. If that makes sense?! My favorite thing to say is "Oh what makes me happy? Making other people happy." STOP IT! If you cannot make yourself happy, how can you possibly make others happy? I have to start putting myself 1st every once in a while.

3. Stop blaming someone new for the things someone in the past did.
This is a huge one for me. Past relationships have taught me to keep my guard up and one foot out the door and over the years this has become a habit. Always ready to run, that's me! And I always seem to keep anyone new at arms length....never really letting them get close enough. And we won't even talk about trusting. But from this day forward, I will let those walls down and open up because if I don't, I'll keep living in the past. Time to let it all go and realize not everyone is going to hurt me...some people really do want to be in my life for me and that's all!

4. Stop falling off the damn wagon.
I feel like I always fall off the fitness wagon. Not on purpose, but I just slip and slip until BOOM I'm on the ground looking at the dust that used to be my fitness goals. I know there are a lot of people out there who experience the same thing but it's still no fun starting back over. I always think, if I had kept going I wonder how far I would be now! It always takes something big to get me back on the wagon. Like my clothes magically "shrinking" for the 1st time in years. I can only blame it on the dryer so long before I have to face the cold hard fact that I am getting fluff in areas that really don't need any more fluff. The 1st step to reaching this goal is to get a new pair of running shoes since my pair got destroyed in the Warrior Dash (which I still need to do a post on, I promise it's coming!) So I'm looking at a pair of Brooks stability shoes because the girl at the runners' store told me they work best for my severe pronation. Just one thing is standing in the way of this goal...I'm a working gal with bills and $150.00 for running shoes is better spent elsewhere. So...If any of you ladies have ANY suggestions what-so-ever for shoes that are comparable to Brooks but don't require a 2nd job, PLEASE PLEASE comment and let me know!

5. Figure out what I want to do with my life!
This is my biggest problem/worry/fear is that I'm going to spend my life rotting in a desk chair. Yes, I am college degree holding woman that has no idea what I want to do with my life! I am standing here at 21 years old spinning in circles with a very confused look on my face. I know it needs to be fitness related. I am so passionate about fitness and nutrition, this has to be involved in my life. When I talk about these things I get excited and passionate! So, yes I know all the fields I can enter into..I just have to stop procrastinating. So this is another thing I am changing in my life...starting right now!!

All of these positive changes and new mindsets have me dizzy but excited. To start off my new way of thinking, I am hitting up the hot yoga studio this weekend for a hot yoga session tomorrow morning and trying something new, the hot barre method class Sunday morning. I'm so excited and all classes are free this weekend to celebrate the year anniversary of the cedar valley's 1st ever Hot Yoga Studio. Check out to see what classes they offer, if you will be in the Cedar Falls area this weekend! Let me know if you're going to stop in the early AM classes!!

And now to bombarded you with my favorite Pins from this week....well because it's my blog and I can! ENJOY!

So I NEED this for my fall/winter running! I will have it just wait :D

New hair cut? I think so!!!

Words to live by!

There has never been anything more true!


Question of the day: Have you made any positive changes in your life lately?

Anyone know of any great, cheap stability running shoes?

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  1. I think we all go through spells where it seems a little like life is a shit sandwich :) in some ways I think we need to because it does force us to learn the tools to think positive and be our own cheerleader to enjoy a life that we want. Anyways that's what I took from my time in the hohum's a few years ago :)

    Looks like you have a great list to get you moving forward!