Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Goals

Yesterday I made a post about my fitness goals to help me lose the baby weight and tone my stomach back up after a hellacious pregnancy. Now let's talk about life goals. My life has completely changed this year. Last year this time I was dreaming about getting off work and hitting the bars with my boyfriend. Today, I'm sitting here drinking my coffee to wake up, pumping milk to feed my babies and listening to the coo and being someone's wife! Can you say complete 180? The change that happens when you become a mother is very dramatic, and for weeks I took it really hard! I was caught somewhere between wanting to be the person I was before and trying to figure out how to be the person I am now! For me, I think that when we as new moms get stuck in that in between phase is where PPD (postpartum depression) comes from! I felt lost and incomplete! This also went towards my fitness life as well! As soon as I found out I was pregnant I avoided all exercise like the plague! I had already lost 2 babies, I wasn't going to risk one more (or 3 as we would come to find out!) And then with 3, you really aren't given the option to exercise. Too high risk! So that was another rut I was stuck in. This person who has done some form of exercise almost every day for years to being a couch potato (thanks for the flat ass!!!) All of these things make you rethink and te priorities your life. So on to my life goals.
The first one is going to be stop body shaming. It took years for me to focus on the nutrition part of my weight loss/lifestyle change. I was one of those girls who are nothing to lose the 5lbs with no physical activity. And then I body shamed! I removed that mindset when I began eating better and healthier food because I felt better. Well in the throws of my pregnancy you could find me chained to the bench of Dairy Queen waiting for them to open every morning and driving by real slow to make sure they weren't closed at night. Sweets was all
I wanted and needed. I can count on one hand how many vegetables I ate (fruits were good; they were sweet). So now it's time to get my insides feeling better so that I can get back to feeling better mentally and physically! :) 
Another life goal I have is to be even more aware! I have to stop beating myself up because the dishes aren't done and realize my focus needs to be on my babies! There's 3 minds I have to nourish and grown and they don't care if the dishes are dirty! They need me to be there to play with and to show things to because that's how their mind develops! There are certain things I can do throughout the day that will help them and give me more time with them. As you can imagine spreading yourself 3 ways leaves you pretty thin. 
My last life goal for the day is to be a better wife. We got married last Saturday and I know a lot of my focus SHOULD be on the babies but there's still another piece to the puzzle. Without this man I wouldn't have these sweet babies and that would be sad. So just show him appreciation, talk to him about things that don't involve the babies, because as much as he loves them we shouldn't always have conversations about baby poop and spit up! 

I'm setting pretty reasonable goals for myself because I do have a lot on my plate. But basically it all comes down to intentions and being aware of the situations throughout my day; my body and health, my babies and my husband. Just being aware of these aspects and reacting appropriately! :) 
I'll leave you with some pictures from our wedding. I'm still adjusting to being a married woman. ;) 

I do!! 
Our family is complete! 
True love :)

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